People from all walks of life share their experiences

Nothing less than stunning

“What Professor Dan Huston has conceived and embedded into the hearts and minds of his students and into the world of NHTI, Concord’s Community College, is nothing less than stunning.”

Saki Santorelli, EdD, MA
Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society University of Mass Medical School

Positive team impact

“In our mindful communication sessions with Dan, I am observing firsthand that our team members are catching themselves before reacting negatively to their own thoughts, or to co-workers. We’re having fun while learning a critically important skill.”

Amanda Grappone Osmer
Grappone Automotive Group

Being aware of body language has value

“The training I received in Communicating Mindfully has influenced my communication at work regarding how I listen and express myself. It has been noted by some of those with whom I work most closely. I make it a point to be ready to listen. I no longer develop my response before the person speaking is finished expressing his or her thought. Allowing a brief pause before responding gives me the chance to more fully respond. It is not only more respectful, but also more effective. Recognizing the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior has also been useful, and I have also encouraged others to understand that as well. Finally, being aware of body language—including facial expressions—has value in managing myself, as well as in listening to (and observing) others. These changes have persisted even several months after the training ended. I suspect that will continue.”

Jeff Savage
Franklin Savings Bank

The choices we make

“Since studying Communicating Mindfully, I have so much more insight into emotions and how they are one of the major components of communication, and how simple or complicated we can make a situation by the choices we make. Those closest to me also noticed a change in my demeanor.”

Christine Callahan
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group

Our mood can influence our ability to focus

“No matter how much we may wish it weren’t the case, our mood can influence our ability to focus and how hard we work on any particular day. The study of Communicating Mindfully helped increase my awareness of experiences that threatened to influence my mood unproductively. It also helped me develop the ability to either let them go, if I determined they were trivial matters, or deal with them directly—either immediately or after careful consideration—if they weren’t.

For example, prior to studying Communicating Mindfully, I would often dwell unproductively on a boss’s, colleague’s, or customer’s comment; however, I am now able to shift my focus from dwelling on what was said to processing that information into some sort of action plan and focus on completing that plan. This shift has made me overall more productive and happier in the workplace. It is making a tremendous impact not only at work but in life in general.”


Coworkers have told me that they see me being more confident

“My husband, children, and co-workers have all made comments to me about how I have changed. I now speak up for myself and do not let anyone take advantage of me. My coworkers have told me that they see me being more confident in my responses when being asked a question and that I am not always the quiet one during the meetings. I speak up and ask questions now when I used to just sit back and let everyone talk and not say a word. By speaking up and letting people know my opinion, I am earning more respect from my coworkers as they are seeing that I truly know what I am doing.”

Tina T. Gauthier
TD Bank

I have learned to notice anger

“Prior to studying Communicating Mindfully, I believed I had to use anger at times to see me through projects or motivate me to get them done. If I felt others weren’t carrying their weight I would just jump in and do it myself, angrily at times. This behavior caused the people I supervise to be reluctant to share bad but important information with me. Now that I have learned to notice anger, let it go, and work more collaboratively with others, people find it easier to deliver bad news to me knowing that I won’t overreact and that I will keep a level head and see the problem through. It makes it way easier for me to manage and supervise people because now I feel I will get more accurate information out of them. Another way I let emotions control me was in personal relationships. Things that were hard to hear, I just wouldn’t hear, I would take things the wrong way and not actually listen to what I was really being told. This made it extremely hard to have lasting relationships with anyone.”

Will Lawrence
New London Hospital

It really exceeded my expectations

“Having taught communication skills to private and public sector groups for over 25 years, I have seen many trainers in action. I attended one of Dan’s sessions recently, and I can say that it really exceeded my expectations.
Dan did a great job interacting with the group. He was personable and lively and at the same time set a relaxed tone that helped the audience develop rapport with him and each other. Dan has a very supportive presence that helps learners feel comfortable.”

Dr. Helen Meldrum
Associate Professor of Psychology Bentley University, Principal Partner Communication Counseling Associates

His presence had an immediate impact on me

“The most resounding effect of the talk was simply observing and meeting Dan Huston, a man I find to be incredibly present and to exude great energy throughout the whole room. His presence had an immediate impact on me. In my intro to theatre class we have spent three solid weeks on getting out of our heads and into the moment. Acting is a great passion of mine and as many in the business know, stage presence is key, the ability to demand attention and exude confidence. This is what I saw in Dan Huston, and I was delighted to learn from him. It made me see that these kinds of people do live outside of the monasteries, in everyday society.

Before seeing Dan Huston, I did not believe that living in our consumer-driven, goal-oriented society that I could truly achieve ‘Zen.’ This different environment and speaker made it easier for me to think of meditation as a mainstream practice and not just something monks, and we selected few, take part in. The other people in the audience just made me feel a part of a larger culture of others attempting to find this mindfulness for ourselves. I also really enjoyed the fact that he did a meditation with the group; I could truly feel the different energy in the room compared to what I usually experience in class.”

Shannon J. O’Connor
Syracuse University

Students and faculty alike offered numerous compliments

“Dan Huston’s presentation at our college was very well received. Students and faculty alike offered numerous compliments on the highly insightful information that he shared. Dan enhanced everyone’s understanding of the applicability of mindfulness to the communication process, and sparked a lot of interest in mindfulness techniques.”

Patrick Breslin
Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida

He gives concrete suggestions for improvement

“I recently had the opportunity to observe Professor Huston interacting in several different settings. His work on mindful communication is ahead of the curve and his talks were well attended and well received. He was equally engaging and effective presenting a detailed large-group lecture on the science behind mindful communication as he was leading discussion and exercises with a small group of students.

Several groups at my university are coordinating to bring him back to campus soon. Dan’s thoughtful analysis of the connection between mindfulness and communication helps audience members to become aware of their self-communication as well as their communication with others. He also helps participants recognize the value of bringing mindful communication into their lives. He gives them concrete suggestions for improvement, which were immediately applicable and in some cases life changing. My students received similar benefits from reading his book Communicating Mindfully.”

Diane Grimes
Associate Professor of Communication, Communication and Rhetorical Studies Syracuse University

Brings depth and value to all aspects of education

“Communicating Mindfully is a comprehensive resource that can bring depth and value to all aspects of education. Awakening to the possibility of presence in relationship is a much needed interpersonal practice, which can impact society locally and globally.”

Florence Meleo-Meyer
Center for Mindfulness In Medicine, Health Care and Society University of Massachusetts Medical School

A highly innovative ‘communicating mindfully’ program

“Dan has artfully developed a highly innovative ‘communicating mindfully’ program that integrates elements from emotional intelligence and mindfulness traditions to develop inner and outer awareness. Sometimes communication programs can have a touch of the clinical, but not this one which is deeply informed by Dan’s way of being, his ongoing practice and his considerable pedagogical skills. I love the very human side of his work. I can highly recommend it.”

Leigh Burrows
School of Education, Flinders University