“As a safety professional, we are surrounded by rules and governmental regulations that are expected to keep human beings safe. Unfortunately, more rules and adherence to a process may not always work with fatality prevention. It is for this reason I’ve been working with Dan Huston to help create a ‘New View’ of safety which includes concepts associated with Mindfulness and Human Error.

Introducing Dan to my Safety team was an eye opener to many in my field. The concept of ‘being present’ during high risk tasks and using mindful communication to call out risks is something that has shown excellent promise as a tool in the safety tool kit.

Dan is a true professional and has been working with my team for over a year, working to test ideas and concepts. His approach is excellent, not trying to ‘fix’ issues, but one of trying to learn about root causes and how mindfulness can be introduced to a culture to help make change. Personally, the mindfulness approach has helped me be a better safety professional and leader. I have adopted many of Dan’s teachings to become a better communicator and to better handle higher stress situations. If you are interested in Mindfulness as part of your Environment Health and Safety program, I would urge you to speak with Dan and get to know him.”