“Prior to studying Communicating Mindfully, I believed I had to use anger at times to see me through projects or motivate me to get them done. If I felt others weren’t carrying their weight I would just jump in and do it myself, angrily at times. This behavior caused the people I supervise to be reluctant to share bad but important information with me. Now that I have learned to notice anger, let it go, and work more collaboratively with others, people find it easier to deliver bad news to me knowing that I won’t overreact and that I will keep a level head and see the problem through. It makes it way easier for me to manage and supervise people because now I feel I will get more accurate information out of them. Another way I let emotions control me was in personal relationships. Things that were hard to hear, I just wouldn’t hear, I would take things the wrong way and not actually listen to what I was really being told. This made it extremely hard to have lasting relationships with anyone.”