The second study conducted on the Communicating Mindfully course found that students increased in mindfulness, communication skills, emotion regulation, and emotional intelligence.

There was a direct correlation between increases in mindfulness and emotion regulation, suggesting mindfulness helps increase one’s ability to handle stressful/threatening situations productively.

“In all of the studies I have conducted on mindful communication, I have never seen such consistent results across all mindfulness factors.”

–Dr. Valerie Manusov
University of Washington

Paper citation:

Manusov, V. & Huston, D. C. (2018). Mindfulness training in the communication classroom: Effects on communication competence, emotion regulation, and emotional intelligence. In D. Grimes, Q. Wang, & H. Lin (Eds.),  (pp. 207-234). Hauppauge, NY. Nova Science. Empirical studies of contemplative practices.