8-week course

2.5 hours per week

2 graduate credits

Communicating Mindfully for Educators

from Antioch University New England

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School systems are communities with unique opportunities and challenges: A variety of ages and personalities need to cooperate to complete complex tasks in a context replete with professional, family, and social stressors. Managing these pressures in a manner that promotes learning and connection is vital to the success of any school culture. The study of mindfulness can help.

During this course, teachers and administrators apply the study of mindfulness to their communication with others, personally and professionally. This learning often extends to the broader school community. Participants have been inspired to explore ways to incorporate mindfulness into their teaching, and the Communicating Mindfully course can be adapted for high school students. As educators and students within a school system practice mindful communication, the school culture shifts, reducing unproductive judgment of oneself and others, while increasing caring and cooperation.

Course Description:

Communicating Mindfully for Educators introduces participants to mindfulness through the study of mindful communication and emotional intelligence. This 8-week, hands-on, experiential training combines a broad range of communication theory with training in mindfulness-based meditation to help participants identify and modify unproductive habitual patterns of behavior, improve teaching performance, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve wellbeing. Participants may find the course provides a solid foundation for the continued study and practice of mindfulness as they explore ways of integrating mindfulness into their classrooms.
(Open to students with a variety of experience in mindfulness, from people with no meditation experience to long-term practitioners.)


“Education is a profession where we all tend to give to and take care of others. It was nice to be able to focus on ourselves this time around. Ironically, providing the kind of self-care this course teaches also makes us better able to attend to others. I am now more present when having family dinners, for instance. In the classroom, I find myself practicing patience when a lesson doesn’t go the way I envisioned. Communicating Mindfully for Educators was just the thing for me at just the right time.”

Deidre Smith, M.Ed.
Literacy Coordinator
Title 1 Project Manager
Hopkinton School District

“Communicating Mindfully for Educators is a wonderful course! It’s an amazing way to grow personally and professionally! What you learn truly helps you gain positive self-awareness and appreciation for others. Implementing meditation and other mindful activities with my students has impressed me. I am impressed with how excited they are to participate in relaxation. They even request it! I’m excited to continue the practice of communicating mindfully with my students and my own children!”

Kristin Jacques
Fifth Grade Teacher

“Mindfulness is paying attention to your life, here and now, with kindness and curiosity.”
¤ Amy Saltzman