About Communicating Mindfully

“Communicating Mindfully is a comprehensive resource that can bring depth and value to all aspects of education. Awakening to the possibility of presence in relationship is a much needed interpersonal practice, which can impact society locally and globally.”

Florence Meleo-Meyer
Center for Mindfulness
In Medicine, Health Care and Society
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Communication is vital to the success of students, teachers, and business people, and the study of mindful communication not only helps people communicate more effectively, but also offers participants the benefits of mindfulness training in general, which include increased confidence, resilience, and empathy. Mindfulness also has also been shown to improve the immune system, increase productivity, improve sleep, reduce stress, sustain attention, and increase working memory.

Controlled studies suggest Communicating Mindfully:

  • Promotes cooperation
  • Reduces blame and reactivity
  • Increases ability to identify and express emotions
  • Decreases rumination and catastrophizing
  • Increases friendliness and approachability

The Communicating Mindfully (CM) curriculum was developed by Professor Dan Huston in 1998. After discovering the benefits of combining mindfulness with communication theory in his own life, Dan developed a college-level communication course to share this transformational approach to communication. Since then, CM has expanded to become a form of professional development and business training. Participants consistently experience increased self-awareness, improved relationships, and an ability to manage a variety of challenges, including learning disabilities, depression, PTSD, OCD, and ADHD, applying mindful communication skills at home and at work, thus increasing their overall happiness and job performance.

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