Harnessing Human Potential

This moment has never existed before

Mindfulness Training & Skill Building

Being present improves performance of any skill

Emotional Intelligence Development

We can handle whatever comes our way


Focused Attention
Situational Awareness
Systemic Cooperation


Job Satisfaction
Employee Engagement


Emotion Regulation

“As human beings, we don’t always act in our own best interest. But we can. 

And as it turns out, our best interest is of use to others, as well. Mindfulness motivates.”

–Dan Huston, Founder of Communicating Mindfully

What We Do 

Communicating Mindfully (CM) combines mindfulness training with communication theory to improve personal and professional development

Professional Life

Improve Job performance and Gain Professional Development

Health Benefits

Manage Learning Disabilities, Depression, PTSD, OCD & ADHD

Personal Growth

Improve Relationships &
Increase Happiness

The Book

Communicating Mindfully

Mindfulness-Based Communication and Emotional Intelligence

By Dan Huston

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